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Who is Aramis?

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Aramis Translations: 
fact and fiction with flair

Who is Aramis?

If you can answer this question off the cuff with "one of the three musketeers", you do know your way around in world literature! Indeed, Aramis is one of the three legendary musketeers from the novel of the same name by the 19th century French author Alexandre Dumas (père). In the novel, Aramis, musketeer in the service of King Louis XIII, serves as a model for sensitivity and refinement...

Aramis Translations
Named after the abovementioned illustrious character from the novel and begun in the early nineties as a translation bureau specialising in the French language, Aramis Translations has in a short time grown into an all-round translation bureau, delivering tailor made translations in various languages at an affordable price. Aramis is a dynamic bureau where quality is the top priority and the customer always comes first.

The importance of adequate translations
Recognise the feeling? It is impossible to follow the manual of a newly bought machine. A translated sales brochure is full of mistakes, leading to ridicule instead of more sales of the recommended product! A novel by a foreign author is too boring to finish having made it to page two, due to the translation. These are complaints you hear only too often. Complaints that could be prevented if clients would see translating as a profession - not as a closing entry - and have their translations done by a professional bureau.

Aramis holds the principle that, for a translation in whatever field and for whatever target group, permanent study, lots of experience, creativity, imagination and accuracy are needed. The translators, who have worked for Aramis for many years, all possess these qualities and leading companies and organisations regularly make use of the services of Aramis Translations.

Languages and Method
Aramis specialises in French, German and English. All translations are made by highly qualified translators who always translate into their mother tongue. This way, Aramis exclusively operates with so-called "native speakers". Since aim and target group of the target text are Aramis' starting point, style is paid careful attention to. It goes without saying that interpretation, grammar and spelling are meticulously checked as well.


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